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LIRC# is a simple client library to allow a .NET application to interact with an LIRC server to control or be controlled by IR devices.

It has been tested to work with WinLIRC but there shouldn't be anything that will prevent it from working with LIRC.

The library is designed to be extensible so that a client can easily implement a different network protocol for sending and recieving messages without having to deal with the details of the message format.

Supported Platforms:
.NET 4.0

LIRC Remote

LIRC Remote is a simple Windows Phone application that utilizes LIRC# to provide a simple universal remote interface from your WP device.

In addition to being able to query all the available remotes and commands, there is also the option of creating a custom remote panel using basically anything that's available in a regular XAML layout and the attach one or more remote commands to it. The app loads this XAML file from any url on the internet. Take a look at the Remote.xaml file included in the WPLirc project in the source section for some more details.

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